• 12 day luxury accommodation
  • stay in the heart of addis ababa, bw best western  , best location 
  • accommodations in addis ababa, guest can enjoy the outdoor pool or relax at spa 
  • free parking is available on site and there is free wifi in the public area 
11 Nights 12 Days for booking more then a day pleas email us Bole, Addis Ababa
What we'll give. What we won't

What is included in the tour

  • price only for accommodation 
  • price is for single and double accoupancy
  • pick up and drop off 
  • classic king , guest room , king 1
  • breakfast 
  • free wifi
  • Service Tax
  • bottle of water ,minibar , tea\ coffee maker

What is NOT included in the tour


  • no pets
  • Alcohol, soft drinks, beverages, etc.
  • Personal expenses like tips, telephones 
  • tour fees 
What makes this tour special
  • price include 12 days accommodation 
  • Reach the top of ontoto
  • Enjoy the food tour
  • Visit museum
  • Experience the shopping 

day 1

Arrival  at  Bole  International  airport  am or pm.  , transport   to  the  hotel  by  hotel  shuttle  bus  ,  check – in  at the hotel  , have  rest at  the  hotel  . Lunch  at  the  hotel  or  nearby  restaurants .program can start since day upon your request  In the evening  at  20:00  p.m.  attending  cultural  show  at  Yud Abysina  cultural  restaurant  in  Addis  Ababa  and  having  dinner  there (only Ethiopian  measl available) . At  23:30 p.m  back  to  the  hotel

day 2

  At  10:00 a.m.  after  breakfast  having  half  day   Addis  Ababa  sight  seeing  city  tour   including  but  not  limited  to  : National  museum  ,  Enteto  mountain , markato  market  (biggest  open  market  in  Africa)  , the  grave  of  Haylasisai  former  king  of  Ethiopia) ……. Etc . Returning  back  to  the  hotel  at  17:00 p.m . lunch  at  LUCY  GARDEN -  ADDIS  ABABA .


  At  12:00 noon  time   ,  drive  from  Addis  Ababa  to  the  touristic  city  Debrezait  (47  km  from  addis  Ababa -  one  hour  drive)  ,  visit  greater  lake (different  natural  lakes)  ,  debrezait  village  ,  having  lunch  at  Kurriftu  resort  ,  coffee  ceremony  ,  trip  by  boat  at  Kurifftu  resort , back  to  the hotel  at  18:00 p.m.


  At  10:00  a.m. after  breakfast  ,  derive  to  Debre  Libanos  city  (100  km  from  Addis  Ababa – 3 hours  drive) to  visit  :  part  of  the  blue  Nile  gorge  ,  Portugal  bridge  built  in 6 th  century   ,  different  types  of  monkeys  especially  the  Bouyens  types ,  lunch  at  Germany  Park  Hotel . Back  to  the  hotel  at  19:00 p.m.


At  10:00  a.m.  after  breakfast  derive  to  TIYA  city  (80 km  from  Addis Ababa  -  2  hours  derive)  to  visit  historical  stones  registered  at  UNISCO  in  1974  ,  Goragi  villges ,  have  lunch  at  BUYA  HOTEL  in  TIYA  city . Back  to  the  hotel  at  18:00


At  08:00  a.m.  after  breakfast  drive  to  HOLATA  city  (120 km from  Addis  Ababa  - 3 hours  drive)  ,  visit  Supa  park  (wild  life  -  different  animals  ,  lions  , Gazal  ,  monkeys  ,  birds  etc .  Lunch  at  ABEBECHE  HOTEL .


At 080:30  a.m.  after  breakfast  drive  to  WANSHI  LAKE  (135  km  from  Addis  Ababa  - 3 hours  drive) , visit  greater  lake  &  the  mountains  ,  horse  riding ,  natural  forests  , lake  boat  trip  ,  Oromo  village . Lunch  at  NAGASH  RESORT  in  WOLSE  city . Back  to  Addis  Ababa  hotel  at  16:30  p.m


At  10:00  a.m.  after breakfast  drive  to  ADADE  MARYAM  -  small  city  -  Oromo  village -  (60  km  from  Addis  Ababa  -  2  hours  drive)  , visit  rocky  church  (12 century)  , Oromo  market  , Oromo  village . Lunch  at  BYUE  HOTEL . Back  to  Addis   Ababa hotel  at  18:00  p.m.   

Recommended  means  of  transport  :  Land  cruiser  V8 .


Free  day  for  shopping  at  any  time  convenient  to  you  to  shop  the  touristic  materials  (souvenirs  , local dresses  …..  etc

The  remaining  half  day  Addis  Ababa  city  tour  at  time  convenient  to  you  .

Late  in  the evening  heading  towards  Bole  international  airport  on  the  way  back  home  by  hotel  shuttle bus  .


Pickup point
Airport Parking, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia our driver will meet you at airport to take you to hotel View on Map